That Chick with that Feels

February 12, 2014

Have you ever felt so worn-out and drained and exhausted? Redundant alert.

Basically, this is what I'm feeling right now. I couldn't get enough rest. I'm a sleep-deprived after all. My class starts at 7.40 in the morning, finishes at 2.10 PM or maybe 2.45 if I have kelas limpah. After that, I would go back to hostel to eat and pray then go back to school for SEDAR classes, finishes at 5 pm. I would go back to the hostel again and perform Asar then go to hockey training and finishes at 6.30 then I would rush to change my clothes to kurung prep and go to dining hall for dinner. By the time we finish eating, I will need to shower and go to surau (which I did skip several times) also I have only 3 hours to finish my homework. No joke, I don't have time to revise. 

It's only the second week of February and I'm worn-out like an old man. Can you imagine being in my place? You're a dorm leader, chief editor, secretary of Girl Guides, a FIVER some more, the goal keeper of your school hockey team, and the school's orchestra bassist. There you go my responsibilities for this year. In my life I've never been this busy. Some might say "duhh. This is nothing. You're just a school kid" Yes I know, I'm a school kid and doesn't hold any real responsibilites YET. But does that mean I can't let out my feels? Being a student doesn't mean you only need to study and finish your homework.

Well for now, I'm busy with classes and hockey. Yesterday I had a meeting with the penyelaras badan beruniform. She gave some briefings for our upcoming Kem Perdana. After the camp, TEST you guys. Hahahhaahah hell yeah. Back to the topic, I need to find people, make namelist, to find the right time for meetings and at the same time pening thinking when to start the magazine. Not to mention, orchestra practise is coming.....................

p/s : dont mind grammatical errors and bla bla. I will continue my Jakarta-Bandung posts but not in the immediate future. Believe me, I want to finish them ASAP if I am not this busy.

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