To most people, I'm known as Soraya Anuwar.

90s kid. 97 was the year she was welcomed to this world. She prates. Still struggling to keep her northern slang when talking to southern people because she goes all southern automatically when talking to one. Her music taste is great. She plays guitar and bass guitar (a bit of trumpet, euphonium and keyboard). Even though she's a she, she's not that she. (Read; Not that girlish/feminine). She fancies Russia. She fancies pepperoni pizza like a lot. She fancies travelling.(Duh, obviously!) And man who reads is her definition of sexy.

Just another blogger, really. I write what's happening in my life and mostly about travel; where I have been to so far, what I ate, who I met. But hey, I am nowhere near bragging. This blog is dedicated for myself to reminisce some good old remembrance as I grew older and older. (but also for reference to people out there looking for travel hack and guidance)

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