The Day of Results - 19th December, 2012

December 21, 2012

I'm not in the mood to watch Teen Wolf so I'm going to tell you about the day of PMR results.

Honestly, I felt nothing from the beginning when all the 97s were freaking out. I didn't know why. So I slept at Fatin's and we went to school together. When we arrived, our arrival was awaited by Sotongss *cey over* yeah some of them. So we waited and around 10.30 we went to school hall.

10 minutes later, the principal came in with a biggest smile but I didn't know the meaning of behind her smile. I kept thinking and saying "This is a good sign guys." At the same time, I was waiting for a text from 15888. It said I got 7A1B and I " Weh hampa, aku tak dapat straight As. Aku dah check." and all of them were like "No. Jangan percaya. Sistem tak semestinya betul." I was frustrated and I lied to them. I showed them my "I'm okay" face and said " Hey relax arh. Aku okay. " but the reality was, I didn't.

Then, the principal proceeded to announce the 8A-ers. It's my class turn and my name was skipped and I knew the bloody system wasn't lying to me. I didn't cry. Opie and I went to find teacher Halimah to get our slips and I started crying. I got B for Religious Education. Teacher Halimah kept saying "It's okay. PMR ja pon. SPM lagi penting" and she was proud with us, 3 Malaysians! because all of us scored A for Science. I was crying with Opie and Bella then Bella left us so we went to porch. When I was walking out through the door, I saw Anis, I ran to her, I hugged her, I cried a lot. I asked her how's her result and she scored the same and her B was Religious Education tooooo.

Then, I met Teah. She got 8As. I hugged her and cried. She said "relax Yaya! PMR ja Yaya! SPM ada lagi Yaya!" She was so supportive and didn't let me down. Met Fatin and we went home. I actually was quite yeah feeling a little bit down but I tried to make it okay and I made it. At night we went to Noodle Station to celebrate. *their vanilla milkshake was so good* I had vanilla milkshake and Domino's. Yeah we brought along. 

I was busy tweeting that I didn't know how to face abah when he's back in Malaysia and should I shouldn't I recheck the results but I got a lot of recommendations to recheck but yeah still gonna wait for my dad. I also did ask kakak (cousin), kak Pija and kak Chuna. Kakak said if I do have confidence that my results wasn't supposed to be like that then just go for it. Kak Pija and Kak Chuna said go for it maybe it's an A. But then I decided to wait for my dad.

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