Stranger, TKC, Epic Car, Lost and Found, KLCC.

March 17, 2014

Hey whaddup yalls!

I don't know how to start but 2 days ago, I had an ineradicable memory. It's not like someone whose close to me get married or something, but it was something. Indeed.

Well, on Thursday I took a flight to Subang. It was my second time of flying alone and I practically felt unsecured due to MH370 things you know so I prayed hard so I could safely land in Subang. When I was on the flight, I tweeted that there's no one beside me. After a few seconds, there's an old man and his seat was next to me. So, the old man started chatting with me. From which school to my ambition to MH370 to his grandchildren. We talked and talked and talked and talked till we landed in Subang. He asked me who was going to fetch me so I told him that my friend would fetch me. He was worried as heck and he offered me to crash at his place cus he had a daughter too. But then, he said "takpalah. Pak cik tunggu sampai kawan sampai". He also gave me his phone number. Yes, he was really nice. I mean what kind of stranger accompanies you to your car? 

"Ni jaga orang kampung pak cik baik-baik." said him to Kak Jek. Thank you pak cik Halim for accompanying and giving me good advices.

I went inside the car and Kak Jek drove to LCCT. Actually, me and friends took a different flight due to some (conflict). Duhhhhhhh, I'm so lazy to elaborate this part. The full story can be read here.

We stayed at Nina's uncle's mansion. No joke, it was huge.Well, obviously it was huge, what kind of mansion if it's not huge? Jakun, you might say. The next day, we went to TKC with Hussien! He drove us with his epic red car damn, I forgot to take a photo of it. Guess what, we were lost for 3 hours! We had a hard time finding this new TKC plus it was not on GPS after all. I swore that was my first and the last time of 'visiting' this TKC. How unfortunate we were, by the time we arrived, the competition had ended. Nina's friend told us that there's gonna be a flash mob at 3.00 P.M. I thought Hussien didn't want to join because he just said InsyaAllah when I asked him if he wanted to join. He was totally amazed seeing the mob as it was his first time. After the mob ended, we went back to KL because we're gonna shop and eat at KLCC. Once again, we're lost. 

Okay, just read kat Fatin's blog ja okay? I can't resist my laziness. 

These memories will remain in my head and heart. The most adventurous-awesome-lawak tahap bangang trip ever. THANK YOU everyone, especially Hussien for your car and those little things even though you were tired and all. Thank you so so so so much. I'd never forget that moment when you sang at the top of your lungs when all of us were dozing off (I was half awake okay) and you got lost plus your phone's battery dead. Sorry for that and thank you once again.

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