Perth and its vicinity

February 06, 2017

Hello everyone! We meet again haha sorry for the hiatus. I was busy with my finals and only now I actually have time to sit and write for you.

Today was our last day in Perth.

and we went to Freo again!

E-Shed market

I would recommend to buy souvenirs from MEGABES and AUSSIN. They offer the best price.

Then, as we didn't eat anything yet so we decided to fish 'n' chips again. This time around not being ignorant, we walked to Kailis'.

I would try Cicerello's next time

And then we went back to Perth again. 

$1 coffee!!!!!!!!!

Bell Tower

From Barrack Street Jetty, we hopped on blue CAT to get back to Perth CBD. After that, we went back to our hostel to get our bags and ready to leave. But first, since our hostel was just close to Perth mosque, we decided to pay a visit there. Little did we know, we met a Bangladeshi who used to work in Malaysia would cook us dinner. 

Before leaving for airport, we actually had an Afghan who offered to send us to the airport. He was very nice. In the car, he actually gave us tazkirah. Dad gave him some money but he refused to take anything. He said he was doing it for Allah. If you wanna know the true meaning of Islam, hang out with the muslim community abroad. The brothers and sisters were just so nice.


We did get back our money from GST refund but please bring your stuff on board as they will wanna check. 

Would I repeat Perth?


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