Scammed in Ho Chi Minh City

November 16, 2017

During my last visit here, I didn't have the chance to visit Reunification Palace so this time around I made sure to go there. The entrance fee is VND 40,000 (seems like they have increased the price). It was the home and workplace of the president of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. When a North Vietnamese Army tank crashed through its gates, it became the site of the end of the war. 

Funny thing was, when we're walking to the palace, we actually got scammed. There was this guy tailing us and he was selling coconut drinks and he followed us pretending that he was guiding us. Suddenly, he stopped and gave my friend to carry that thing (idk what its called lol) for pictures. So,we thought it's okay and just played around.

After that, he just put that thing down and started preparing the drinks for us then he asked us to pay when we thought it's free!! Mind you, we didn't want to buy pon but he's the one yang pandai-pandai pi buat ugh. 

"150 thousand sir"

Innocently, Nik just gave him the money.......... That's freaking RM 30???? When we wanted to leave, he started asking me and Mimi to pay for ours since I drank it already lol. I mean, 150,000 dong for EACH, wtf???? So, Mimi handed the coconut back but he refused to accept it. Here when my brain worked wonders lol. I bargained. I asked for VND 10,000. Obviously he didn't accept. I looked at Mimi and Nik, they were pissed as hell. Nik was like "no no give my money back or you take this back". I told him my last price would be 20,000 each. Thank the Gods he finally accepted it. Since he already gave VND 100,000 back to Nik, I gave him another 10,000 and off we go.

Honestly, just don't entertain them. Things would turn around lol. Never accept their so-called offer for pictures.

when we went to Ben Thanh market, there were several people selling this and when I asked the price, "VND 20,000 miss" and damn right I did it!

So back to the palace, we went around for about 1 hour there and it was really crowded. And hot. Once done, we went to Notre Dame Cathedral but it was under renovation so we just went straight to Saigon Central Post Office. It's actually a preserved remnant of French colonial times. This building was designed by Gustave Eiffel - the eminent engineer who designed Statue of Liberty and Eiffel Tower!

I wrote myself since I had issues to deal and
 I'll write to myself from everywhere I go from now onwards 

If any of you wants to know more about what are the best things to do in Vietnam., be sure to head to Your RV Lifestyle!

Write soon.

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  1. Sad to know about you being scammed, but it is a lovely city to travel.
    airport parking gatwick

    1. yes I agree it’s a lovely city to travel despite being scammed hahaha


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