6 Months & 4 Days into 2018

July 04, 2018

I’ve been missing to write here to be honest. But, I was struggling so badly with my shite. And the only thing I could do was only to look after myself. Anyhow, it’s July already huh. You know, back in December; I was all positive because I feel like there’s something with 2018. Believe it or not, there IS something with 2018. Both good and bad.

January was just another month to be honest but I was excited and relieved because I was finally done with UNITEN. I don’t even have New Year’s resolution because I feel like resolution changes every time hence I didn’t bother to have ones. Instead, I have a list of “THINGS TO BE ACHIEVED IN 2018” and so far I’ve managed to cross 3 out of 16. In February, I went to this overrated Krabi (like honestly!) and Phuket with a friend. More on that later.

The worst part of February was when Paramore had to cancel their show in Jakarta!!!!!!! I basically flew there for Ayam Penyet basically. It was all good from the start but it was a bit weird when we’re queueing to redeem our tickets but oh well it all made sense when they finally announced the cancellation. I was lining up to go into the hall whilst scrolling my Twitter and it wasn’t long until Hayley tweeted their official statement. Hayley had to push through because she cared about us fans as the organizer didn’t let Paramore to announce it because they wanted a new date first before informing us. We didn’t know what to feel to be honest but it was kinda sad as the last time we saw them was back in 2013. That’s like 5 years ago. Later that night at dinner we ordered Ayam Penyet Kremes (it was so good ffs) and mannnnn, it was so freaking hot. I couldn’t eat the sambal as it was that hot. Spicier than Samyang Ramen okay!! My ears rang for God’s sake. Tears were coming out. And suddenly My Heart Will Go On popped out from the radio. Sendu gila bodo hahaha. I mean like, we’re sad with Paramore then we had to eat the Ayam Penyet pedas nak mampus with My Heart Will Go On in the background.

March and April were just shit. In May, I went to Ireland and several EU and UK countries. I had the chance to join Game of Thrones Tour. That was the only thing that I enjoyed when I was there. More on that later.

Write soon.

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