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September 09, 2018


Here's the thing, I flew to Jakarta last February right after I got back from Krabi, flew to KL from Krabi in the morning and flew to Jakarta from KL at night. That was like the first continuous trip that I ever did. I don't really count transit as 'continuous' anyway. So, cut the story short. We flew there, checked-in our hotel and was so stoked for them. Then the next day we went to Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) all ready for PARAMORE ; TOUR FOUR.

We didn't get the chance to redeem our ticket. But instead, we're allowed to go inside the hall. Obviously it was weird. They were saying that we could just use our ticket confirmation as ticket. We queued and while waiting I was scrolling Twitter and suddenly Hayley tweeted their official statement that they had to cancel the concert as she was sick. She was apologising how the organiser didn't let Paramore to inform us about the cancellation and all. It was so heartbreaking that when we're back home I did consider of not going because I wasn't stoked or felt overwhelmed like years before plus that I have yet to fly to Jakarta again. Fast forward, I listened to After Laughter repeatedly and became dense with the lyrics and all. IT WAS THAT RELATABLE as these past few months have been so rough.

It was after Raya Puasa that I decided Paramore IS a go.  It was so intense that I couldn't help myself to not see them again after 5 years. On the 25th morning, I flew to Jakarta with Kak Jek at 0655 hours. We got to the airport quite late that after verification we literally ran all right from immigration to the gate. It was my first time running to catch my flight and bear in your mind, it's klia2. Anyhow, we safely boarded the flight and there were another fans on the same flight.

-Fast forward-

Kak Jek and I reached ICE at 1315 hrs, and waited at the very front of the gates until 1600 hrs when the guards finally let us in.

So after getting through the gates, it was a race of getting your ticket scanned, torn and reaching the entrance to the fence. We were pretty much the first to reach the fence as we were first in the line at the gates after all. But not long after that, we were contemplating whether to stand at the back as we couldn't quite see the stage or stay. After 30 minutes of making decision, we got out from the crowd. We went out from the hall anyway for the loo and drinks haha. And then it's another hour or so of waiting.

We went back inside and finally the lights went off and everyone gasped and got to their feet but it was the opening act, a local band called KOTAK which, to be fairly honest, ah-mazing! I had no idea of them but yoooo, go to YouTube now and give them a listen. They performed a few songs and left the stage and we had to wait for another 30-40 minutes, I think.

But man, the wait was worthwhile, I mean we waited for 6 months since February lol and and and it was worthwhile because their entrance was spectacular. I started screaming like there was no tomorrow and it was definitely amazing no words could ever describe my adrenaline high.

courtesy of my friend; Ginnie.

I screamed and cried and sang and danced at the same time. It wasn't just the song, I've heard it million of times, it was the atmosphere, the crowd, the simple fact of looking at my favourite band again, at Paramore, at Hayley Williams, Taylor York and Zac Farro. It bewildered yet amused me at times, back in 2010, I got the chance to see all 5 of them; Hayley, Taylor, Zac, Josh and Jeremy before the Farro brothers announced their exit statement. And fast forward 3 years later, 2013, I saw Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy. And 2 years after that, Jeremy quit Paramore. And 2017 had Zac rejoined the band. 3 different concerts. 3 different line up. Am I blessed or cursed? So back to the story, there was no need to think at all when I started singing. Everything came on its own, the tears, the lyrics, the screams, the dances, the head bangs. It was bloody amazing. We actually put our bags on the floor and 2 girls joined us hahahah.

Fake Happy

The set list for the show is as goes:

  • Grudges
  • Still Into You
  • Rose-Colored Boy (I Wanna Dance With Somebody snippet)
  • That's What You Get
  • Crushcrushcrush
  • Fake Happy
  • Playing God
  • Forgiveness
  • Ignorance
  • Pool
  • Passionfruit (Drake cover)
  • Misguided Ghosts
  • 26
  • Caught in the Middle
  • Idle Worship
  • No Friend
  • Misery Business
  • Ain't It Fun
Encore :

  • Told You So
  • All That Love Is (HalfNoise cover)
  • Hard Times (Heart of Glass snippet)

At some point before 26, Hayley talked to us some stuff which I don't want to share here. Let that stays in Jakarta and in my phone. Best believe I got to witness 26 live.

courtesy of Ginnie

I recorded 26 only half before I put down my phone and just soaked myself  in the moment. I wasn't the girl who would record everything like I did before. I was all about having fun and living in the moment. I was physically, emotionally and mentally present. I didn't want to jinx it.

And when Paramore started blasting Misery Business, I swear I just screamed till I died. Jeez, what do you do at a concert if you're not screaming? Because every time they started playing a new song I was basically screaming at the top of my lungs, dancing, waving my hands, jumping, and headbanging. Just forgetting everything else except the music, myself and the band on stage in that hour. Indulging. To jump and dance wildly, forgetting stuff just how silly you might actually look like or how horrible your singing might be, going into that zone where there is just you, the music and the band. It's like the limelight on your humdrum life, a remarkable memory you would remember as it was the only night you truly felt happy and free, to just forget the world and live in your own world even just for a while. We danced hard, more than we could. So carefree and happy. And I'm so proud and happy that we made the right decision when we walked out from the crowd to stand at the back.

Hayley actually mentioned Malaysia a couple of times as she saw familiar faces of Malaysian in front and there was this one time when she said something along the line "Malaysia, make some noise!!" and Kak Jek and I screamed so loud that few Indonesians gave us some looks. I don't know. I kinda have love-hate relationship with Indonesian and Indonesia. I mean look at how they treat Malaysian athletes whenever our athletes went there for match. So bloody hateful and rude. The never ending beef with us. But, some are cool hence the love-hate relationship.

The show was amazingly sick! But, no chance to meet up with Ginnie, she's from the Philippines (I finally met her in real life last February) as the coverage was pretty bad but there will always be a next time huh! We flew back home the next morning with Lion Air. And I won't use Lion Air again.

And yesterday, 8th September, Paramore announced they won't be playing Miz Biz anymore and it was the end of After Laughter era. I'm just gonna put these two tweets to remember how AL helped us fans.

After Laughter era is just something that I can't seem to find the words to sort through my thoughts. I have made and met so many friends that I never thought that I would meet in real life. Who says internet friends are nothing? For the concert itself, I just can't describe the immensity of ecstasy and euphoria through words. It was nothing like 2010 & 2013. An entirely out-of-world experience. Thank you Paramore for simply existing and for After Laughter.

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