Welcoming 2019

January 01, 2019

So hello hello hello my fellow whalos and good morning from Malaysia!

Here's a HAPPY NEW YEAR from yours truly. Okay, let's cut the chase. How was your 2018? And how was my 2018? Well, to be fairly honest, my 2018 was bizarre. Back in December 2017, I was in a dark period and I felt that 2018 was gonna be something. Like there's SOMETHING with it. I felt like 2018 was gonna be a healing year filled with a bunch of recovery process and happiness. Well, I wasn't entirely wrong. There was definitely something with 2018 in its own unorthodox way. It's nothing like 2015, 2016 or even 2017. To say the least, I ended 2018 with a big heart (even though I blew up my goals). I felt content before the clock stroked 0000. 

If you follow my Instagram, you would know how 'ruined and dead' I am. It wasn't until Y posted her summary of the year that I finally was brave enough to pour my heart out there. It's different, being able to rant here and on Instagram. So anyway, if there's one thing that I learnt in 2018, it's NEVER TO TRUST SOMEONE WITH ALL YOUR HEART. That's one thing that I've taken for granted in my entire life. It baffled me that I took years to finally realise that. I learnt that even your closest friend could be ignorant about you. The minute I learnt that they're no good to me, that's when I decided to walk away. Sure, there were damages but I had no other means of mitigating them, so it was an efficient breach. Call me ruthless or whatever but that's how I roll. Whilst we're still in heart-to-heart session, I feel like writing here about my years in the dark pit. I don't know man. Living in the pit for 3 years wasn't easy. It made me lose faith in some things that I used to believe in. Big time. The countless what- ifs, regrets, sleepless nights, the constant fight with myself to make peace and how I couldn't let go daunting baggage. Boy was it rough. Someone once told me before, you need to experience the lows to properly enjoy the highs. But I guess, it's unavoidable. It just happens. When you grow up, your heart dies. I'm mostly thankful for After Laughter. But hey, I finally made it! I'm finally out of the dark pit after trying for wayyyyyyy too long.

Now, let's look back for a moment. To my 2018 goals, I'm sorry I fucked up haha. MAN. I didn't even complete 1/2 of it. Now, that's crazy. Sure, I didn't share them with y'all out here but trust me, I only completed 3/16. Geez. That's so bad---even for me! Anyhootsss, I was really looking forward to 2019 that I even started my New Year's resolution A WEEK before January. That's how excited and motivated I was. Let's just hope no more failures in achieving those this year. 

And here are the resolutions I'm really looking forward to name a few. I need to do this y'know just to keep myself accountable. 

  1. Get back on track -- spiritually, life
  2. Lean and fit -- I'm actually digging it weh not sure why I didn't do this before (STARTED & MOTIVATED!!!)
  3. More outdoor thang -- mountains and hills, basically trekking and hiking
  4. Start Bachelor's degree
  5. To be consistent in blogging -- BLOG MORE
  6. Complete Goodreads Reading Challenge (for once!!!) -- just gonna put 30 books & hope to surpass

The rest are for me to know. Once again, Happy New Year and have a grand year! And here's to 2019 💃💃💃

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