June 30, 2019

So hey and yes I'm still alive though I wish I'm dead already lmao. It has been 6 months since I abandoned this space and for that, I'm not entirely sure what to feel. It's true I've been busy and yes like the actual busy and I know some of you actually do miss me but y'all just don't wanna leave your tracks here hahaha. Anyways, I know I owe you my Summer 2018 travels but I am going to take this post as a catalyst to keep my writing momentum going. I need to work my way back with words and all so I really hope you bare with me. On the other hand, my resolutions--- I have not managed to check them and yes; not even one! And tomorrow is the second half of 2019! Deng how crazy fast time flies. It's at times like this that I question what am I doing here and I sorta hate being an adult actually. The misery and pain are too much. Before this post turns to a sappy post about life, I am going to stop. Oh, I actually just got back from Japan and Japan was nothing but amazing! I feel like going there every year now that I've tasted Japan. But then again, it's not somewhere where I would wanna live hahahahahah. Write soon. 


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