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August 04, 2019

... to write again. I am not gonna lie to you but I find it hard to start writing again and drafting my pending work. Remember when I said in my last post about tryna find my writing momentum again? Well, I have been quite distracted actually. July was the month where I went to start over with my 'life'. It was overwhelming but I made it. I also sat for my entrance exam hehehe. Well, it was a video call and blimey we were on with students from all over the world. It was really cool though. 

When I came back home, I was annoyed looking at all my unfinished books. Such an eyesore! cus I made a promise to myself that I will not buy any new book while having unfinished books and it has been 2-3 years I think since I last bought. I am thirsty for new booksssssssss hence why I forced myself to start reading again. Plus, I have abandoned them for so long and I am ashamed to admit that I have not finished GoT 4(A Feast for Crows) and GoT 5(A Dance With Dragons). That's on me lmao. I did not have my reading motivation. But then, it occurred to me that my time here is running out and I for sure would not want to bring them bloody books to uni. I kinda said sod off to my mood and just grabbed a book that I actually have started early this year. Once I'm done with it, I grabbed another one and after checking it out on Goodreads I realised that I have started the book 3 years ago. And to make it worse, I've had the book since 2012 and bruhhhhhh I really wish I had read it back when I was still a teenager. Such a waste of money jeez. But anyhow, I'm gonna make a separate post about books though. 

Moving on.

I am actually proud of myself. I managed to get some shit done. But now, I am going to force myself to be active again in blogging. To those who emailed me, I would get back to you soon. Thank you for understanding and for your time.


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