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February 16, 2020

Damn. How long have I abandoned this space?

But, if you care, I am still alive. Yep.

So anyway, happy 2020. How's the new decade treating you? Good? Bad?

As for me, January did not start very well cus I was a mess. Like. real. mess. Between struggling to get my shit together and keep going to work, man it was crazy. I almost submitted my resignation letter. Yeap. That bad. Though I didn't quit, I still don't like it yea but yea whatever man it pays the bill and I still get to be in the industry. And there were a lot of people that I met. Many many many kinda people but it was cool actually. Some made me think about certain stuff differently cus well I mostly work with boomer & Gen X and obviously the Millenials. 3 different generations man.

Moving on. 

To be frank, my 2020 really did start in February. It was going great for the first week and started going downhill approaching the second week. So this week has been blergh. So now, I'm trying to find the pace and really really really pull my shite togetha by updating my blog at 0130 in the morning as if I don't have a hospital appointment at 0830. Jeez. On a side note, I might suffer ADD cus I ALWAYS ALWAYS get distracted in a split second or I could procrastinate doing stuff instead of doing stuff that I am supposed to do?? Sometimes, I worry that it might interfere with my daily life you know so yeah I might just go see a doctor or something. Welp.

In other news, I really need to get back on my running cus I have a run this coming April and I don't really want to be out of shape hahahhaha. Oh. I once measured my weight like with the specific BMI, body fat mass, muscle mass and all. I was actually quite surprised by my results as my muscle mass was high. YES. HIGH. Whilst my body fat mass was like normal but nearing high. The only thing that I was/am worried about - my bone mass. It's low. So yeah, need to work on my protein consumption.

Almost 0200 now and I don't wanna go to bed yet. It's hot here. Malaysia and its unpredictable weather lol. Anyways, I think that this post is the start to my 2020. I sure hope and I will get my pending work HERE done by this year. I'm quite excited now. But, I gotta admit that I'm scared to get my life together because I don't actually know where to start yknow what I mean but I am definitely going to try bit by bit.

Alright. That's all.


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  1. you speak german?

    1. Not fluently as I am still learning it hahaha cheers x


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