June 26, 2020

Heyyyyya everyone!

I hope you guys are having an amazing day or night. By the way, things in Malaysia are starting to get normal as we're finally in the recovery phase. We started with MCO to CMCO and now in RMCO (Recovery Movement Control Order). We are now allowed for interstate travel and domestic tourism which is cool as no more restriction to cross state border!! I don't wanna drag this for too long but hats off to Malaysian especially the front liners and the unsung heroes, you did it! We (almost) did it! Few more weeks, things are gonna go back to normal *fingers crossed*

Weeks ago, there were very important issues that transpired. BLACK LIVES MATTER for instance. I do feel horrible cus I was reminded of how I failed to educate some acquaintance back in uni so at the times - when the protest was in talks, I decided to share some of TV shows that I believe would support the cause on my IG story, encouraging people to watch if they can't donate or don't wanna sign petitions. Yet, I got dm asking "how is watching stupid shows going to help". I was close to giving up with educating at the moment, to be honest. You got brain is it, then use it la.

Other than BLM, there's Yemen Crisis. Let me share about what is happening in Yemen. Basically, Yemen is experiencing the largest humanitarian crisis in history. 12 MILLION children are in need of basic necessities like food, water, shelter, and medicine. They are fighting an epidemic, a pandemic, famine, and a war at the same time. They are being robbed of their futures so I urge everyone to do your part in sharing this and donate (if you can). Do your part!!!

So anyway, just a few days back I had like a major breakdown from job hunting. I repeatedly question myself why the heck did I read engineering cus let's be honest, it was once the "career" but now? At least this happens in Malaysia. I don't know how else to fight. It's honestly emotionally and mentally unsettling and draining. I am like super exhausted from my part-time work hahahaha with shit wages lol and to add with endless job hunting so yeah it's called for. In the meantime, I could only just stay positive and pray that this whole nightmare would have its own sunshine.

Write soon.

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