quick update

September 08, 2020

 The amount of post that I published for this year is so madly embarrassing not that I work 9 - 5 lol yet they managed to stay at 3. what the actual hell hahaha. Anyway, I am still working an odd job, still waiting for updates from my previous interviews, still having the patience, and still having the faith. And to add, still trying to figure my crap and life. Life has been very mundane. This pandemic is also not helping. I was supposed to have fun in Bali last month but oh well oh well. But this life if not a roller coaster ride, then what?? Tibeehh.

Just so you know, I remember my promise of trying to finish off my Summer 2018 but to date, there is nada! Kinda disappointed in myself but I mean I actually already have them drafted but they're also kinda personal but I tak rajin nak jot down everything in my journal but damn I'm making excuses now am I hahahha

me to me

Anyhow, I challenge myself to publish (at least one draft post) by this week. Or I cannot buy any Boost or Starbucks.

Alles klar. That should do it 

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