Uncertainty and niche

April 19, 2022

 So hi.

I'm back. If you care hehe. Wow. One year since I last wrote anything. And finally, today I got the courage to write. I know, it's been a while for me in this writing game but I just felt like I need to do this. I NEEDED this.

A lot has happened since March 2021. Trust me. A lot. Mucho. I took a career break, got hired into a very new industry, and I actually like it. So much. But, I tendered my resignation after 2 months because it turned out, I was not very lucky with the employer. It was so bad that I just fuck it, I'm resigning I don't bloody care. No career development, extremely underpaid for someone who had to handle 5 different projects with no clear and specified job scope, got cheated on my pay, let alone an offer letter haha. It was such bullshit honestly despite project yang best-best. Joined a new company as soon as I resigned, better pay, and yes, an OFFER LETTER also, and was entrusted with a very high responsibility to monitor the whole project. Got offered as a Site Engineer and in two weeks, got 'promoted' to be the Project Engineer. I mean, some years ago, I would have never thought that I would be where I am now. It seemed so far-fetched but guyssss, it is possible. You just have to trust the process. It's okay to resign if the job/company doesn't resonate with your principle. After all, you work and do stuff for yourself not the company alone. It's your professional life. 

Back to my job, since I work in the construction world, it's normal to deal with clients and authority (read: JKR, CIDB, etc) and for this particular project, my client is not someone 'ordinary'. High profile I would say and one of the prominent entities in whole Malaysia. And to make it even better, the CEO (client) actually recommended me to their Facility Manager (to be placed under him) to be one of their new Project Engineer. I MEAN. HOW DID I GET THERE WITH 4 MONTHS of experience in the construction world? They could have offered the same position to the previous engineer but they didn't. I also recommended my friends who are more qualified than me but they just said "oh we can't choose them as we need <5 years experience" but me? 4 months? I mean, I must have done something right that they're willing to forgo my lack of years but hey, I just thought this is some stuff that I need to be proud of. But not to the point that I am being boastful. Syukur. But, too bad that I had to decline it huhu. Maybe in the next 3-4 years yeah hehe.

And after somewhat years also, I think I finally found my niche. After all, it is the construction world. Now, I could never see myself working in a factory plant or manufacturing hahahaha. I love the flexibility of different projects and I get to walk. At times, I could just stay at the office and settle paperwork and at times, I could go for a walk (read: site visit/inspection) so tak ada la terperuk dalam office ja. But, work-life balance is not that good la hahahaha. Sometimes I need to work until 0000 or 0100. Nonetheless, I'm not complaining though.

Alright, enough updates about my professional life. Moving on to my birthday now!

So, I turned 25 last few days. Finally entering real quarter-life crisis lmao. But, I'm happy with where I am now even though of course la got a few hiccups here and there but all's good hehe. Alright, that's all for now. Need to hit the sack. Long day tomorrow.

Also, happy ramadan!

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