Kazakhstan vs Russia #1

November 29, 2014

I want to share some events that I've been to before SPM which I think is necessary to publish because I can reread them whenever I want. Believe it or not but memories are important to me. Plus, it's not like I keep a diary or journal or something. Little did I know, I used to keep a diary. Though someone insists me to start writing back, I don't think it's time for me to start well at least for now la. Well anyways, let's just hope that I will start as soon as possible because believe me, I want to. And apparently no one writes anymore. Okay whatever so let's start with EXP.

20.09.2014 - EXP Grand Finale

Have you ever heard of EXP? Well if you do, think that's good. So what is EXP? EXP is a programme that helps student to explore their potential in various ways of studying hence the name, EXP = Explore The Unknown Potentials. This programme was conducted by 3 amazing speakers named Azhar Jalil, Solihin Razali and Faris Hakim. Each of them shared how they studied during their years in high school for SPM except Faris Hakim cus he stayed in the US before and at the age of 16 he already enrolled in a college. According to Azhar Jalil, Faris' hobby was skipping grade. Now , he is 24 and has doctorate dah pon. Derr PHD la ayo. He's working as a lecturer in INTI Penang umm MassCom I think. Actually, I have decided not to go pon cus it's in USM Penang and the next day tu sekolah. Honestly memang malas gila nak pi but then my friends yang going cakap nanti ada Fynn Jamal, Elfira Loy, TITAN (idk pon sapa at that time). I was like MAGAD ADA FYNN JAMAL BOLEH JUMPA JUNA but the laziness inside was ______ so stick dengan malas. Until someone said, there's gonna be Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor. Holy shit tak kan takmau pi? It's not easy to meet and greet him kan. Okaylah, there I went just sebab Dr. SMS.

He started his talk by tanya ambition everyone. Not literally everyone but yea you got the point. Those who got asked by him got to SELFIE WITH HIM. It wasn't him la yang offer tapi dah alang-alang tu kan. Sampai I felt like people yang angkat tangan tu semua sebab nak selfie dengan dia ja hhmmm sad sad sad and pathetic.  After all, he said ''Whatever you wanna do, make sure it involves Science because Science is amazing" Well yea it is amazing but it sucks to learn. No joke.

He told us about his journey to the space and blimey! It was very very very amazing. He also said that he didn't wanna go back because he really loved to be up there and nak leave his wife and B and T kat bawah. He asked us not to tell his wife that is me ahahahahaha jk it's Dr.Halina. When he was first landed in Russia, his first sentence was YA VAS LYOBLYO. I was like what? I LOVE YOU, seriously? Because honestly I think spasibo is so much easier for Russian language beginner to learn.  Spasibo means thank you, anyways. He also asked us if we knew where he was launched and I was so close to raise my hands up but I was not sure how nak pronounce the place was it Boikonuq or Baikonur because my dad always be like "Eh adik nanti kita kena pi Kazakh. Pi lawat Boikonuq tempat Sheikh Muszaphar was launched." And I pulak always debate dengan dia that Dr. SMS was launched in Russia ha sekali ambik there was another girl yang sempat jawab. Babun frust gila. But then betulla he was launched in Baikonur, Kazakhstan. If I'm not mistaken la kan Baikonur ni yes it's in Kazakh tapi administered by Russia. Some sort of that la.

We had video session. Waktu dia nak keluar from atmosphere, his chest kena pressure yang maha la kuat. It was 9g, that's like your dada kena hempap dengan anak gajah. And to get out from the atmosphere to get to ISS, they need to pusing keliling bumi 7 kali. This indicates what people?! Yes, tawaf Kaabah. Subhanallah. HE is great.  Pastu he showed us how he performed his solat up there and he didn't agree with fatwa-fatwa ulama seluruh dunia yang prayer time kena ikut tempat dilancarkan or tempat dilahirkan. For him, prayer time in space kena ikut Mekah because Mekah is the center of gravity. MasyaAllah. Then we proceeded to how he showered, makan, minum. If you wanna drink you kena minum in vacuum tube so that the water takkan jadi jelly! If you picit sikit the water out, dia akan turn to jelly! He also brought rendang and traditional cookies. Masa tu kan Ramadhan and he celebrated his raya pon up there. FYI, your food takkan stay in place and it will float in your stomach. No gravity people! Dah safely landed on Earth, the rescue team kena fly jauh sikit sebab tersasar from the actual place. Waktu nak get out from the capsule, he couldn't even lift his finger due to 9g and his body memang lembik gila. Fuhh banyak sangatla kalau I wanna type all these stories out.  Better get his book kot sebab more details and accurate. By the way, these are based on what I've seen in the videos and his stories.

He had to train for 7 years before he could actually be an astronaut. Their trainings were extremely extreme and impossible but possible if you push yourself. Imagine being thrown in an icy ocean and do whatever it takes to survive? SIBERIA people SIBERIA. I went to Uzbek pon siap promise to myself that I don't wanna travel anywhere temperate countries during winter sebab sejuk gila. But then, remember la mana ada benda senang dalam dunia ni. Nak makan pon kena masak kot bukan zam zam zam zam food please come here and then appears depan you just like that. Unless you ada bibik that you can call and suruh dia ambik tu ambik ni but nah you get the point kan? KAN? Then dia cerita yang his mom lost 12kg masa he was up there. 12kg indicates 12 days in space kot. Gila ahh. Ada la one girl from sekolah/negeri mana ntah tanya how did he feel masa his brother passed away. Orasa was like WEHHHH AWAT TANYA pastu Dr. SMS macam relax and cool ja and he said he didn't know actually sampai la dia turun.

Fun fact : he used to be a model.

Till next post!

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