Kazakhstan vs Russia #2

November 30, 2014

So hey yall I'm back to finish off my EXP experience. 

Right after the Q&A session,  there was M&G session pulak TAPI kena beli his book and adalah RM 25 in my wallet and buku dia RM 50 ha ha ha ha memang duit cukup pon. Nah actually my money cukup tapi I didn't withdraw cus I couldn't find any ATM so yeahhh. Thumbs down for that. So conclusion dia, I didn't get any single photo with him! Autograph lagi la kan.

After that masa for lunch and Zohor. Then it was time for Fynn Jamal and Elfira Loy. I have so much respect for Kok Ping (this is how people call her on Instagram). So much! Just in case you don't know who is she then I shall tell you. She's a teacher, teaching English and based in Kazakhstan but now has returned to Malaysia for good. Also known as a poet and musician but I'm sorry I only know one song that is Arjuna Beta and to make it so wonderful is piano dengan string dia!!! Eargasm kot.

Nak dekat last-last dah ada Azhar Jalil's coach. Namely Coach Norazian. She taught us how to identify our auras colour. They were red, yellow, blue and green. Nak identify this senang ja. We were paired up. When your pair suruh bayang blue, you have to imagine blue tapi kena keep your eyes close. Then your pair akan tanya are you ready or not, kalau dah ready dia kena push our hand. Oh lupa pulak, you need to lift your left hand up and tahan sekuat-kuat yang boleh while the other one kena tolak your left hand bagi jatuh using her RIGHT hand. That's the rule. So nak tau warna kan, kalau waktu hang bayang antara 4 warna tu pastu pair hang takleh tolak bagi jatuh maknanya aura hang warna tu la. So before study tengok warna tu lama-lama pastu start studying. InsyaAllah senang masuk. I'm yellow btw what's yours? We were told that nak buat benda tu cost dia around RM 300 tapi kami semua dapat free ja so basically tak rugi la pi this Finale EXP. Oh I like free things hahahhaahhahahaahha. Who doesn't luls. This angkat tangan tolak tangan ni actually boleh check for everything. For example nak tengok that particular someone tu betul ka your idol so hang buat la macam tadi tu. Concept dia still sama. Bayang, tolak tangan ja. That simple. That's the rule.

Overall, it was fun and beneficial. 

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