Working Woman Now, sorta

March 11, 2017

Sorry for the long hiatus hahaha.

I barely have time to sit and write to begin with as I am busy with my internship. 4 weeks behind, 8 weeks away.

During my first week, I was tired as hell as I had to adjust my sleeping schedule and all. Rest assured, work is cure to insomnia. Even if you don't work on field, you'll get tired at the end of the day. By 2100 you will crawl looking for bed already which kinda surprised me because usually I will only go to sleep after 0000. Uh uh not healthy kids! Having myself to sleep before midnight is quite a shock to be honest. I mean, I don't regularly sleep that early.

Anyway, I'm well aware that I still owe you updates on my travel. But honestly, I'm quite lazy to finish them as I have to start drafting, upload pictures and all. Utmost respect to blogger(s) who are consistent about this. I mean, even Vivy Yusof has time to update her blog constantly despite being busy being an entrepreneur, being a mom, handling her household. Whilst there's me, a student on her INTERNship barely have time to update her blog *shame on me*

There was one day, I went to Tesco for some grocery shopping alone. I felt so big and adult lol. I drove alone, did my grocery alone, sleep at home alone (my dad works in another town) and basically do everything alone. I was slowly realising how time flew so fast. I still think that I am just a teenager that still needs her dad to send her off anywhere.

Back to my internship, I chose to do it at an aircraft company. Well, it's not exactly an aircraft company but they have ex air force aircraft here. We basically deal with MINDEF directly. I mean, I won't be able to touch the aircraft if I go to AIROD but here, I'm free to do what I want but of course I'm not allowed to fly it or, can I? 

Jokes aside, the aircraft I'm working on here is MD3 Aerotiga aka Swiss Trainer. It was used for RMAF training. It's a 2-seater trainer. The purpose of this trainer is only for display as it doesn't have air worthiness certificate. They are for sale anyway so if you wanna buy *winks*, feel free to ask me.

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