#day1 South Korea

March 30, 2017

It's almost April now oh God, I thought 2017 just started??????????

Without further ado, lets just start this overdue post.

It was February 2016 when I went there, after I came back from Sarawak I only had 1 day to get my laundry done and stuff lol. 

I've never seen/experienced this so I was a bit jakun haha

The flight took about 6 hours from Kuala Lumpur. Passenger next to me thought I was going back to Korea for my studies lol, I mean do I look like I fancy them so much to be studying there.......

I was z-bit excited seeing this ahahah

Train to the terminal

As soon as we get to terminal, I bought T Money card first. It's basically like our Touch 'N' Go card. Except that, it can be used with subway, bus and taxi. To get this card at the airport, go to this bookstore on your right, right after you went out from arrival hall and ask for it. 

3000 won/card. (Ask the seller to reload it 10000 won to get to your hostel/city centre)

Since we're not using bus, we didn't go outside the terminal lol. We went downstairs for subway. Our hostel was located at Yeongdeungpo district and the closest station was Mullae.

TIPS : download Subway Korea from the app store. It's easy to know when to hop off and when to change line.

Steep nohorom escalator dia haha

Where we stayed for 5 nights, free breakfast, free wifi, owner was super friendly!
cons : bit far from city

After checking in and settling our stuff, we went out to eat! Itinerary says for day 1, it's for Yooganae restaurant which was located at Myeongdong.


  1.   anywhere ----- Euljiro-1-ga, Line 2, Exit 5 (walk to Myeongdong for 5 minutes)
  2.   anywhere ----- Euljiro-3-ga (there's direction and if lost, ask people) - EASIEST
  3.   anywhere ----- Myeongdong, Line 4, Exit 6          

bit tricky to find it but find big H&M store there 

I'll elaborate about this in my Food Adventure in South Korea.

We didn't shop that night as we're tired since we're starting our day tomorrow quite early. We decided to just go back but I bought quite amount of street food huhu which I'll elaborate in Food Adventure in South Korea.

I guess that's about it for day 1 hihihi.

Write soon.

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