Opong The Cat #SKday2 being royals

April 22, 2017

To be honest, I don't know what to put for the title haha. Anyhow, Opong is a very real cat yeah. It's not imaginary or anything.

Opong the cat.

Everytime I came back from my visit around the city, he would always wait for me at the entrance door lol. There's one night when he came all manja and sniffing my bag, I thought he was getting fond of me but oh boy was I wrong..... He was actually sniffing my tuna spread........... that I had in my bag. Sigh Opong sigh. 

Honey cornflakes for breakfast
(Why don't we have cereal cup?!)

And then it's time for subway again. So, for today's adventure, we're headed to Deoksugung Palace. 


Subway = anywhere - City Hall, Line1 Exit 2 and Line 2 Exit 12
Bus = 103, 150, 401, 402, 406, 1711, 7016,7022, 6055

Here we are!


Fee = 1000 won
Guide = free (A walking human volunteer lel, only accept him/her if you want to understand the history okay)

It was inhabited by members of Korea's royal family during the Joseon monarchy. It's one of the Five Grand Palaces built by the kings of the Joseon Dynasty. It is also actually special among Korean palaces as it has a modern and western style garden and fountain.

Changing guards ceremony
Time : 1100, 1400 & 1530

you can take picture with him if you want

sassy whale

You actually can rent the hanbok for FREE during summer and spring.

Honestly, I wouldn't suggest you to visit here since it bores me to death. I mean, I do love history but I'm more of medieval-Hitler-Stalin kind of people. But it's fun to witness the changing of Royal Guards ceremony.

Well, across the palace were City Hall and Seoul Metropolitan Library. Go there if you want. Of course, they are free.

We actually spent quite some time at Deoksugung. We're supposed to go to Cheongye Stream and Gwanghamun Square but unfortunately we're lost and Korean sucks for not wanting to help.

I knew that there's no way we could go there without any working mobile with internet, so I approached this one lady as she was walking into Starbucks. I went to her with a freaking guide book that said Cheongye Stream and of course la got the Korean language as well.

"Excuse me, do you know........"
*stares at me irritatedly while walking straight to Starbucks*

I haven't even finished my question y'know yet she had the audacity to brush me off like that. I mean, even if you didn't know English, you could just MIANHE me or SORRY NO ENGLISH or show hand signs that you couldn't help. I was like WTF woman.....? 

In addition to that, I was hungry so I was extra mad. Luckily, there's 7E there so we went inside to eat. I bought kimbap (obviously haha) and we stayed there for a bit as it was getting cold. I asked the cashier and he was kind enough to help me even though he only knew right, left, and straight. See, I won't get mad if you can't speak English that well pon at least you try?

The main reason we're visiting Cheongye Stream was to find surau but we didn't find it lol and it was extra cold that evening that we changed plan from visiting Gwanghamun Square to another palace.


Subway = anywhere - Gyeongbokgung Line 3, Exit 5
Bus = 109, 171, 272, 601, 606, 1020, 7025, 1711, 7016, 7022, 7217, 6011, 9703

We went to Gyeongbokgung Palace next. But lol we didn't go inside since it's already closed so we went inside National Palace Museum of Korea where they filmed Legends of Blue Sea πŸ˜ƒ Anyway, I didn't finish the drama ahahahah as I was getting bored y'know typical love story. 

National Palace Museum of Korea
Fee = free

Bingung mama! Haha reminds me of Princess Hours.
I've always loved that drama 🌚

Anyways, I encountered another rude Korean here in the museum. Here's the story, I was walking around la kan and at the moment I was quietly standing and looking at the bingung mama then suddenly there's this couple, the girlfriend accidentally nudged and stumbled upon me. I looked at her hoping an apology, instead......


*What the hell is wrong with you Korean people?! It's only my second day here in your so called developing country 😠*

I was annoyed as f. I was really starting to despise this country. To be honest, I didn't expect to experience rude Korean. Not 1 guys... it's 2 for today.  I mean, don't believe media y'all. 

We took the subway to Yeoksam, Exit 6 for dinner at Yang Good Restaurant. Along the way, we found er I think it's dog shelter. They're so cute ahhhhhhhhhhhh. 



and again, finding this restaurant was hard too lel.

We asked this one guy and he spoke good English y'know the one with American accent but he wasn't sure so he just showed us which street to go. Then, we asked another guy and thankfully he even walked us there and spoke good English *creys*. He left his girlfriend for us LOL hahahahah. He told us that he had Malaysian friend and would like to visit Malaysia hehe.

and here we are----------

They serve Korean BBQ and before any of you go "is that halal" "sijil halal ada ke", let me clarify; Yang Good is halal. Eat without worries.

They even hanged their picture with KJ y'all yea Khairy Jamaluddin. I thought that was cute πŸ˜ƒ

It's quite pricey but of most restaurant that we visited, this was the most expensive but not that expensive lah. They serve halal Korean BBQ where got la dei ahahahah.

Since we have quite some time, we made a pit stop to GANGNAM. Yea you heard that right. *dance to Oppa Gangnam Style* This place is like Oxford Street lol. Designer bags, high end brand and stuff.


Gangnam station, Line 2, Exit 10/11

Fun fact = Avengers 2 : Age of Ultron used to shoot at one of the main road here hehe.

Malaysia please have LUSH *gross sobbing*

Then, we just went back to our hostel. We walked too much today. But yea did some shopping at Nature Republic since the shop is everywhere!!!!!!! 

Write soon.

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