A week into 2017

January 07, 2017

I know the duration of one week is a bit late to wish Happy New Year but yeah who actually cares about how late you are? I mean this is just another day and another year. But some people, they tend to take this whole new year thing quite seriously and that includes me 😃 as I somehow love new year because for me, it's time for resolution. Call me lame anyway haha. I know some might not be achieved but at least I have my goals. I always aim high but instead of wishing why not do it. Get what I mean? 😉

I wasn't ready to leave 2016 actually as it was my last teen year before turning 20. I mean NO LONGER A TEEN. 20 sounds a lot to me huhuhu.

For me, 2016 was a total roller coaster ride. I discovered myself pretty well and life. I don't intend to put 2016 in words anyway because I had them down in my journal (oh yeah I keep a journal now!) even though they're not described well enough but maybe I would post one of them here once in a while if I ever encountered the same situation or I'm just feeling like it. So let's get back to resolution.

Here are 12 things that I am looking forward.

  1. Focus on myself more as I already succeeded this from mid 2016 (i ditched tons of toxic)
  2. Religious; pray more and never miss my prayer (if God wills it)
  3. Sleep on time (can't guarantee this but objective people objective haha!)
  4. Eat well; no more fast food (pizza doesn't count) and midnight snacking
  5. Ace my studies
  6. Run more/work out gradually
  7. Finish at least 25 books this year and also read more
  8. Finish unwatch TV shows (this is more like things to do lel)
  9. Edit more videos ( I have tons to be edited)
  10. 26 week money challenge
  11. Write and blog more
  12. Stop watching certain show
We all hate feeling a little lost in life, so by having things to look for, it actually helps us to live and in a way, our path seems clearer. Although there are so much more of things you can or you want, well at least start today by making a list so you can keep track. I don't know what I'm saying makes sense 😆

Despite all that, I hope this year makes me more diligent to finish all overdue travel posts. Maybe I'll start with my most recent travels to Cambodia first and downright until Australia. Oh my God Soraya, Australia happened a year ago. *facepalm*

Nuh-uh, I'll just finish my Sarawak chapter first.

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