Bako National Park, Sarawak.

January 08, 2017

I've always wanted to go to Bako National Park since it offers a really breathtaking view and not to forget, the infamous Bako sea stack. You're clueless? That's okay. I'll show.

Get the gist now?
courtesy of Google.

When I was in Sarawak years before, I knew Bako was a thing as I've learned about it in my standard 3 Bahasa Malaysia textbook. Just that, I was so small at that time. I only know how much fun do theme parks offer. I didn't bother about nature much. Oh kids. Also, my dad didn't bother to bring me there too. So this time around, I was not so small anymore. I was 19, old enough to be travelling alone bhahaha.

I've been told that Bako was closed due to heavy rain. At that time, Sarawak was experiencing flood but another friend of mine told me that her friend went to Bako just fine. It was not closed or anything so the next day, I packed my bag and I was ready for a new adventure!

As the bus for Bako leaves at 0700, I had Dayang to drop me at Petra Jaya Transport Bus Terminal around 0645. Thank God I saw celorot!!!!!! Celorot/Selorot is a type of kuih. I have been craving for this for so long because it really tasted good. There were 5 of it on the table, so I bought 3 but then I was afraid they were not enough for me so I asked the uncle to put one more but he gave me two. 

Craving satisfied!

Once I got on the bus, it was filled with other travellers as well. The fare was RM 3.50 for a relatively 40 minutes journey. Also, Bako terminal is the last stop.

I had to pay RM 30 for return boat so RM 15 for each trip and another RM 10 for conservation fee. RM 20 if you're foreigner.  After that, I was given a life jacket and off we went to the national park. It was a 20 minutes ride.

After arriving, I went to HQ first to register just incase something happened. Upon registration, they would brief you about the trail and what not along with a map. You have to choose which trail you're going to be recorded.

Proboscis Monkey

So I'll be doing 3 trails. I chose Telok Paku for Proboscis Monkey sighting, Telok Pandan Kecil and straight to Telok Pandan Besar. 

A forking wild boar! I was amused as hell.

I wasn't sure how far it was before reaching Telok Paku that I decided to go back to the starting point. Can you guess why?

I was scared! I mean I was alone in the jungle and it was getting dark as it was going to rain. I didn't bring any raincoat and my imaginations were JUST wild. I was saying what if I got captured by whistling people/hidden people? IT. IS. JUNGLE. I even WAZE-d (but really I was just checking) and yeah Celcom works in the jungle of nowhere! Not to waste time, I went back to starting point and then started hiking to Teluk Pandan. I met cool people along the way, one actually came running to me as she said she's afraid to continue. So I accompanied her for a while. She's from Scotland anyway. 

" I don't study and I don't work. I just travel." #lifegoals

I aspire to be like her one day where I ditch everything just to travel. After saying goodbye and wishing her good luck, we parted our ways as she was headed to Tajor Waterfall. That's another way uh.

Suddenly, the rain started pouring down and being a hard headed, I just continued walking as the rest hut was way back and I was already on my way to Telok Pandan. About 10 minutes later, the rain just stopped but it was still gloomy. Andddddddddddd I made to Telok Pandan! I saw the sea stack.

But next time around, I wanna go for boat trip to the sea stack. It's only RM 35 per boat which can accommodate 6 passengers. So yeah lagi ramai, lagi murah.

 It looks like a crocodile isn't it

Telok Pandan Kecil beach.
(There were only two of us there before the rain came pouring down again 😑😑)

Meet Anna everyone! My hiking partner of the day.
We decided to take shelter from the rain under this big coral (or was it rock?)

She's from Austria and she offered me her place if I ever went there. We literally talked about everything lol. Be it religion, politics, countries, school, love, TV shows, favourite bands and etc. I even practised my rusty Russian with her! We just went along together and it was really nice you know given the chance to make acquaintance. 

Telok Pandan Besar beach

Telok Assam

The view of the beach after the tide receded was really mesmerising. At 1500 hrs, my ride came to take me back to the terminal and goodbye Bako National Park. The last boat from the park to terminal is at 1600 if you're wondering and the last bus from Bako to Kuching is at 1700 hrs. So be sure to plan your journey.


  1. Bring water as tons as you can and food too; energy bar would suffice (but there's also a cafe there)
  2. Wear sunscreen
  3. Bring a small towel
  4. Bring wet tissue

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