Food Adventure in Sarawak

January 09, 2017

In this post, I will share with you guys food that I ate and tried. If you're currently hungry, I'd suggest YOU to stop reading this right here, right now! Go eat first.

1. Mangkok (Boat Noodle Sarawak version) 

I only had 5. The other one was Dayang's

2. Zinger Burger tepi jalan

Peninsular Malaysia burger stalls, why you no have this?!
It was cheap too.

3. Laksa Sarawak

Dayang's mom Sarawak laksa

4. Cendol MAMI

5. Linut (or Ambuyat in Brunei)
It's a traditional food enjoyed by the Melanau ethnic in Sarawak. It is made of sago flour, mixed with hot water so you can imagine how gooey and sticky the texture is. I thought it is eaten with palm sugar like Brunei oh boy, how wrong was I. In Sarawak, they eat it with sambal belacan.

I only had one gulp and that was it. I just couldn't. but hey, at least I tried!

6. Ais krim Gula Apong
This ice cream was founded and originally started at this stall. Well, that's what Dayang told me so basically, the first AIS KRIM GULA APONG stall ever. It is located at food court near Petra Jaya terminal.

 6. Mee Jawa

It actually tasted similar with mee kuah tbh. The different part is; it has bits of chicken satay.
This one I had at Kopi O Corner.

7. Fried Mee Kolok @ Kubah Ria

Taste wise; it's just a so-so but okay. Worth a try

8. Kek Lapis (layered cake)
What's a trip to Sarawak without kek lapis?

Be sure to check this store and buy loads of Lumut Cheese

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