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January 12, 2017

How ya doin' mate?

I was planning to describe my travel there well, pretty details but again, I don't think so I want to do that but let's see.

This was my first time in Australia actually. And we went to Perth. Contrary to fact; Perth is boring, I personally think Perth is fun. It was very chill and laid-back. Everybody was not rushing anywhere. People were so nice to everyone. I even got "and you two, have a nice day ahead" from a total stranger when me and my dad was getting that $1 7 Eleven coffee! 

I mean like, we're just getting coffee??????

It was winter but not the you-have-to-wear-your-thick-padded-coat kind of cold. Well at least for me la hahahahaha. My flight from KL to Perth departed at 0850 and we arrived at 1500. Immigration was smooth and custom went off just fine. Not to forget, the detector dog was cute and very helpful.

To get to city center, we took FREE airport shuttle bus to Terminal 3 from Terminal 1. And from T3, we took Transperth Bus to Zone 2 CBD which cost $4.50/pax.

Later that night, we just went around the hostel area and had dinner at this kebab place. I don't remember its name y'all. Oh, we had meatbox and beef pida.

It had chips down there and I literally was on cloud nine 😆 

If you know what I mean 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉
p/s: I did find Adult Shop, wanted to go inside but I was with my dad so nah I'll just pass

The next day, we went to Fremantle wehoo or as local says it; FREO. Initially, we planned to do Pinnacles Tour + Lancelin. I really wanted to do sand boarding anyway. Well, maybe next time?

We got to Perth Railway Station just by walking from our hostel since it's just walking distance. For $4.50/pax you can get to Freo and the ticket is valid for 2 hours. Meaning to say that, if you wanna get back to Perth without purchasing a new ticket, you STILL can use it as long as you don't exceed time limit.

Platform 7 is Freo line so make sure you don't hop on wrong train.

This actually had me laughing! 😅

Heads up!

I'll be posting another adventure from various places I've been to as well so it's gonna be random and un-organised. 

Write soon.

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