Fremantle, Western Australia.

January 13, 2017

Since Fremantle is a port city, you can expect seagull, seafood and maritime-related stuff. Besides bus, train and cruise, you can drive on your own too which I'm sure you won't be frustrated because of Indian Ocean view. But if you opt for train, you won't be disappointed as well as you can still see Indian Ocean. It's only 30 minutes ride from Perth.

Forget about Coles. Focus on the other thing hahahaha
(I'm not perv okay!)

We decided to just walk around first and admire Freo. The architecture was lit af. I just love the environment.

First stop;   Victoria Quay

This place is where SAR operation for MH370 was held

Not long after that, we met Gail and Russell from Melbourne. My dad just love to greet people -,- haih. I learned some OZ lingo with them. Realising that we're taking their time long enough, they took us to a cafe called B Shed Cafe & Grill and even treat us drinks. Okay now I feel bad 😖 bhahahaha (but really sorry and thank you!)

Hot chocolate and cold weather are two greatest combo

We went inside to know the entry ticket was $10 so we thought we could eat with $20 😃

submarine lovin wehoo

we went to this instead

talk about being in engineering school

The steam engine was interesting. It made me think how technology evolved so much well compared to then. Anyhow, ship's not my thing huhu.

O' Connor statue in front of Freo Port Authority

After a quite some time, we continued our journey from Victoria Quay to Freo Oceanfarm which was behind it. I found this J Shed Fremantle Furniture shop along the way and I think it's cute. 

"Perth's" IKEA is that you

Second stop;    Fremantle Oceanfarm

and here we are

look at the ocean!

the building looks like a fish isn't it?
That's the maritime museum

The scorching sun was a total bitch despite the cold. Little did I know I would get major sunburn and my face went crazy once back in Malaysia. I wasn't recovering. My friends did ask me what happened to my face as it really was that bad.

Apparently this seagull knew how to pose for camera =,=

Next stop! E-Shed Markets.

eh it's closed?!

Lol of course it was. It was Wednesday. That's why I put Freo on Friday in the first place. Like I said before, today we're supposed to do Pinnacles Tour but since we didn't, we went to Freo instead and please know that E-Shed only opens on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


As the market closed, we head to this bus stop in front of railway station because it was already 1430 and we're hungry. Don't worry, Freo has CAT bus too. CAT is Central Area Transit and it's free. We took BLUE CAT heading to stop 17; Fishing Boat Harbour. This is where all them fish & chips are.

shout out to CAT bus

Stop 17 is the last stop for blue CAT everyone! 

I was confused because the bus didn't stop AND we passed Fishing Boat Harbour. In my defense, I did not know that was it. I went to ask the bus driver and she said I have to ring the bell lol. But she said I could walk because it's close. I told her off that I wasn't so sure. Then she agreed to help me lel. She was so nice.

"Just go sit back there and I will call you when your stop is ready okay dear?"

Minutes later, we arrived at the bus stop and ready for food. I was looking forward for chips, my love 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Next stop; Kailis' Fish 'n' Chips 

see the extra lighting?! (it's the weather y'all)


and here we are!

 They will give you a beeper which lets you know when to collect your order

Traditional Fish 'n' chips (2 fillet) $10.90 + Brownes $3.95

FUN FACT : Brownes is only available in Western Australia. So coffee and dairy fan, put this on your list

I genuinely like it and also they have other products as well

Seagulls are annoying creature when they see food 😑. After getting our food outside, they just came from everywhere expecting us to share with them. Annoyed much, we moved inside.

I've never seen heater like that! Have you?

Just beside the bus stop but of course we didn't go in

that's not blue

Not even 5 minutes... we already arrived at Fremantle Station. Yes the railway station. I was like all this while, it's just a 5-10 minutes walk?! Yet I had myself confused with the bus.......... Then it was time back to Perth. The ticket was also $4.50.

We didn't do much that night so we just went around, went to convenience store and I found Pods. I was excited as hell. But now I can forget all the fuss about it because it's available in Malaysia now lololololol.

Write soon!

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