Biggest Mosque in Seoul #SKday3

April 24, 2017

That very morning when I was having my breakfast, Opong came to me again so we played for awhile while waiting for my dad and my cousin as there were hanging out with some Korean girls. They were friendly so it was very nice of them. In fact, they gave us 2 buns. Points for them! 

Suddenly, it was 1100. Look how much time that we wasted. Well, it really did interfere with my itinerary so I hurried them because lol yesterday we missed some places too. 

but then, Gilbert K.Chesterton once said;

"The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see."

Yes, I do prepare itinerary most of the time but I just really use it as a guidance because when you strictly follow the itinerary, how much fun is left? Where's the fun in your travel? I learned that when I was in the Philippines. I was so keen to cross out places that I listed but look at what happened hahaha. #lessonlearned


Subway = Gyeongbokgung Line 3, Exit 5
Bus = 109, 171, 272, 601, 606, 1020, 7025, 1711, 7016, 7022, 7217, 6011, 9703


Fee = 3000 won
Guide = free English speaking at 0930,1200,1330, & 1500
Operating hour = March - October   0900 - 1800, November - February  0900 - 1700
Closed on Tuesday 

The compound

and oh we didn't go inside pon hahahaha none of us were interested with Korean history  😂. The only Korean history I'm interested with is DPRK - South Korea haha. But maybe if I were to go there again, maybe I'll go inside since it's the most famous palace in Korea.

Royal Guard Changing Ceremony
Time = 1000 - 1500 hrs
Explanation = Korean, Japanese & English

I didn't realise that us heading back to Gyeongbokgung Palace again that day was a mistake. The only good thing that happened was changing guard ceremony. Wait let me stop you there!

Changing guard ceremony at Gyeongbokgung and Deoksugung are very much different so I guess it's okay la kan. But between these two, just skip Deoksugung if you want. Gyeongbokgung is like "oh this palace. This must be in Korea". Really though, it's so well known even if you don't know what is it called. Thus, Gyeongbokgung is not a palace or place to be missed.

We then head to Itaewon to visit the biggest mosque in Seoul.


Subway = Itaewon, Line 6, Exit 3

we had our lunch pretty late but so lapar so kena makan. I got take out which was bibimbap from Makan Restaurant and we went to this Indian restaurant. Dad, his friend and my cousin wanted briyani and stuff hahaha. The waiter which was Korean.. he spoke Malay hahaha.

I have a thang for dog hehe


How = From subway exit, head straight until you see Mr. Kebab restaurant, turn right and you will start climbing up. Once you reached the first junction, turn first left and keep walking until you see the mosque entrance.

Hope hidayah would be granted to both of you =)

I was getting cold so I went out. But dad being him, he interviewed the imam and all so I wandered around because I can't stand the cold and then I ended up in a convenience store where I bought Rice Krispie Treats. I waited inside the store but 20 minutes after that, they didn't come. And I really didn't want to go out so I asked the cashier did he mind if I waited in the store. He said yea yea sure go ahead in American accent lels and 40 minutes later they came. Thank God!

so big!

We went to Hamilton Hotel after that to get a bus heading to Namsan Tower. But we waited for so long there's no bus so we opt for subway. We didn't really have that much of time as it was getting dark.


Subway = Chungmuro Line 3/4, exit 4 then you have to walk for about 50m to bus stand and take Namsan 02 or 05
Bus = Hamilton Hotel, Itaewon bus 03
Cable car = Myeongdong, Line 4 Exit 3 and walk to Pacific Hotel and a little hike for about 10 - 15 minutes


Boys Over Flower and Legends of Blue Sea y'all hahaha if you watch welllllll you'll know, I guess
Observatory Deck = 9000 won/adult and 7000 won/under 12
Operation hour = 1000 - 2300 hrs

My cousin didn't follow us up anyways as she couldn't stand the cold because it was very chilly that night so only 3 of us hiked to the tower. And somehow, all 3 of us got split up.

i ended up here somehow

to loners out there, seriously don't come it will only remind how forever alone you are

legends of blue sea ahahahaahaha

Jung Pyo oppa where are you????

I thought that I was up long enough so my dad must be looking for me so I started walking down but I didn't see him so I just walked to the bus stand earlier. But as I told you before, it was extra cold so I went inside GS25 there and waited for my dad with my cousin. They had coffee table back there.

It's almost 1 hour but my dad was to no avail so we waited for some more and finally after 20 minutes or so he arrived. He told us he was lost as he went down through the other road heading to cable car plus it was cold that night!

Nevertheless, we head to bus and ready to go back to our hostel. It was really a long day huhu. Also, it's almost 2300 by that time.

look at what I found HAHAHAHAAHA
that's rare

Write soon.

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