Nami Island #SKday4

April 26, 2017

As the title says.......


Bus = 15,000 won return from Insadong near Jonggak station, Exit 3
Namdaemun (cross from Gate 1 Namdaemun entrance) 
Bus leaves at 0930 and from Nami, 1630

Subway/train (EASIEST) = ITX Gyeongchun Linedari Yongsan - Gapyeong Line 1
(transfer at Sangbong station)

From Gapyeong station, you have to take a taxi or bus to get to Nami Wharf. If you're a group of 4, just take the taxi since it's only 4000 won. But if you want to take the bus, the choice is yours. Bus costs relatively 1300 won/person.

NAMI ISLAND furr real 

Fee = 8000 won/adult and 4000 won/under 12 (return ferry included)

Other than taking a ferry to get to the island, you can go for flying fox too. My dad offered if I wanted to but it was cold... so nope.... I know I'm an idiot haha.

The idea here is; it's like you're entering another republic hahaha hence immigration thingy

welcome to Naminara Republic

and I found kuih pau!

the cooker is coool en
p/s: the pau itself is shown in another post 

yours truly

Then, we went for lunch at Drama Cafe. So this cafe is unique somehow as they serve you rice in a box that needs you to shake it before eating. You know, just to mix them well.

so fascinating

We then went up to prayer room at Nami Library. The telekung was provided as well. I was just mesmerised with one of the shelves here. I mean....

made by Malaysian yall

look at how cute it is. it wears shoes!!!!


We literally spent the whole day at Nami which was ridiculous =) Thanks dad -,-

People will only spend their time usually until 1400/1500 but with my dad, we had to take the last ferry  =)))))))) 

After spending the whole day here, we just went back to our hostel that night. We were so exhausted meh but guess what, we did not find the infamous Winter Sonata cast statue pon so technically we did not finish the island hahahahahahahahahahah *facepalm*

That is it.

Write soon.

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