Ho Chi Minh City & Mekong River

April 30, 2017

We meet again!

2 months after I came back from Korea, I boarded another flight to Vietnam. It was a 4D3N trip so there's nothing much that I could do but I made sure I visited the most crucial places one can visit while being in HCMC.

My flight from Alor Setar departed at 0900 and my next flight from Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh was at 1500 something and the flight took about 2 hours.

I must say that of all countries that I've been to so far, Vietnam has the easiest immigration to get through. No arrival card, no fingerprint etc. Everything went smooth so I was really starting to like Vietnam 😏

When we were walking to arrival, I stumbled upon a 5 year old Russian kid well he was on the same flight. So, he was struggling with his brother's stroller and bags while his mom was busy collecting the luggage. After watching him struggling so bad 😃, I went out to help him with the stroller and he said "thank you". I mean... the fact that he was polite..... I like kids like this!

CITY CENTRE (Near Ben Thanh Market)

Bus = No. 152/5000 dong (Upon exiting the international airport terminal, turn right and you should see the bus waiting on the road opposite Burger King. Ignore taxi drivers who tell you there are no more airport buses)
p/s : bus is only available until 1800 hrs.

Taxi = There are several taxis that you can choose be it airport taxi, prepaid taxi and etc. I would suggest only use Vinasun or Mai Linh taxi only. The probability to avoid scam is high.

Because we're cheapskate like that, we took the bus to city centre. The fare between taxi and bus had huge gap so..

Anyways, from Ben Thanh market we then head to our hostel and oh God, it was hard finding them if you choose to DIY. But I really like the hostel. Friendly staff and nice view. So, you might as well find somewhere close so you can just walk.

My dorm mate was an American Chinese-Japanese. I said to him "judging from your accent, you must be from California?" and yeay I was right haha. We talked a bit and stuff and I said to him that he didn't look like a chinese or even japanese haha.

Him : "Oh yeah? How do you think that I look like?" *while posing*

Me : "I would say Filipino? hahahaha"

Him : "I knew it. I get that a lot."

But he successfully guessed where I'm from originally. Well, that's because he just got back from Malaysia 😂

Ben Thanh market

Believe it or not, we actually shopped that night. Stuff were just cheap plus they accept MYR. Later that night, we went back. We fricking walked 6 KM back and forth.

We had our hostel arranged for us the Mekong River tour the next day since we only have 2 solid days. And it only costs USD 10 with lunch. We asked for vegetarian dish. 

First stop would be UNICORN ISLAND.
Yeah you heard that right, Uni-fricking-corn Island.

First, they'll bring you to this tea place where they use honey and stuff. Then, it's time for local fruits and performance of traditional Vietnam songs. and yeay it's time for the boat ride through Mekong delta!

Second stop would be another island called COCONUT ISLAND where they show how they got coconut milk, how they crack open  the coconut and how they make coconut candy. Souvenir based on coconut itself also sold here. Mat saleh ja la excited lol

coconut candy

it tastes okay la

time to leave

Third stop aka last stop would be PHOENIX ISLAND for lunch!

and apparently everyone was excited to try it 😂😂😂😂😂

We were given 1 1/2 hours here to eat and wander around.

mat saleh semua letih sebab hangat so they lepak tidoq sini
p/s : it's not free

But not long after that, it was time for crocodile feeding.

After leaving Mekong, we arrived HCM pon dah petang sangat. It was almost 1700 when we're back in HCM so we went straight to Ben Thanh market like the actual Ben Thanh building as we only went to night market the night before. Then, we decided to have our dinner at Restauran Hajah Basiroh.

I had Pho Mee which was Vietnamese Beef Noodle. Biasa-biasa jerrrr.

The famous Vietnam coffee

Verdict = 5/10
Price = RM 3

Banh mi Bun
Verdict = 5.5/10
Price = RM 4


The annoying part shopping in Vietnam is, the salesgirl will drag you and persuade until you buy. Best to ignore if you don't plan on buying.

Write soon.

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