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April 29, 2017

coolio ahahah

Today, we only wanna shop till we drop. It's all about shopping today hohohoho. But, obviously to shop, we need energy don't we? So, we went to Sindang Tteopokki Town (STT) to eat the famous rapokki. Rapokki is actually combined words from RAMEN + TTEOKPOKKI.


Subway = Sindang Station, Line 2/6, Exit 8

Now, do not get confused, STT is not a restaurant. It is a town which is full with rappoki restaurant(s). They have tons there. You only need to choose ja. 

You know they actually stop and touch up their makeup...
Friends who make up together stay together?

if you see this painted stairs, you're on the right exit

so this was the restaurant that we chose

zzzekiut ahaks

so innovative!

After lunch, it's time to shop. So we hopped on a bus heading to Namdaemun market.


Bus = 604, 263, 421, 507, 105, 104, 262, 261, 162 (there's actually tons. Tips: ask the driver whether the bus heading to Namdaemun or not. Come on, you know the drill ahaha)
Subway = Hoehyeon, Line 4, Exit 5

So this is where you can get your souvenir, T-shirts, k-pop merchandise (I bought some for my friend, bargain at its best!), brooch, clothes and shoes.

I got myself two pairs of ugg boots ahaha and some more Nature Republic stuff 😶. I even scored a Running Man shirt hoho. 

Also, you can get 3 pairs of shirt for 10,000 won at this one booth. That ahjussi knows Malay lol so when he saw us from afar, he kept yelling "Tiga sepuluh tiga sepuluh" upon seeing us. He knows his potential buyer! 

Anyhoots, it was extra extra chilly and cold that evening. That ahjussi also gave his brand new hot pack to my cousin as she was shivering. Since my dad wasn't quite done with his stuff, I wandered from one store to another store and spent quite some time to escape the cold lol until I ended up at this shoes store. When I was walking out, I stopped for a while and I waved my hand to their heater and the owner/staff saw me heating myself up, he gave up his seat so I could sit ='))

I was apologising lol and they said it's okay. 

"Malaysia no like this?"

and he was trying to explain that that was also the first time Seoul was cold like that. One thing I can assure you, -9° Uzbek is still okay than 7° Korea.

We somehow ended up at this one building and we bought keychain and God knows what at this store sampai the kedai tutup lah and they had to wait for us until we're done with our shopping lol. It was closing time dah pun. We kept "kakka juseiyo" the ahjussi and obviously we succeeded ahaha. It means; "Can you give us discount?"

I'm so sorry I don't know what's the building called but tips: Don't buy keychain and all that stuff at open air booth.

From Namdaemun, we went to Myeongdong to continue our shopping some more. 

We went inside this luxury mall called Shinsegae just 
to use the toilet and escape the cold hahahah


The next morning, it's time to leave so that morning, we just went straight to the airport.

During security check, my liquid stuff  including my toiletries and most of stuff that I bought had to be thrown out. I was really angry at that time as we all know for us to bring liquid on board as long as it's not more than 500 ml, it's okay. But, the officer insisted that I couldn't bring them on board and guess what.... all my stuff were thrown in the rubbish in front of me. My dad kept persuading me that it's okay, it's procedure and shit BUT somehow, my cousin brought her stuff as well and she passed. I did throw my tantrum there anyways as I was so mad. 

I wasted my money like shit. You could just let me pass. I didn't come here to let you ask me to give up my stuff.

Before I flew back to KL, I tweeted " God knows how much I hate Korea i'm sorry y'all I can't" I really was disappointed.

In all seriousness, I have mixed feelings about this country. I love Korea for her food and cosmetics but the people,,,, not so much. Better yet, nah thanks.

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